Life has been insane for a while now. Brandie and I took a trip back to my birthplace, New Orleans. It was beyond refreshing to walk those streets again. I’ll post many pics ASAP. While there, we met up with my old vocalist, Joey, and healed some wounds. It’s nice to be able to call him friend again.

Brad was fired from Thira for stealing from the band multiple times. In the wake of that, we decided to rewrite the entire album; it’s killing me to be away from the stage for this long, especially since his departure forced us to cancel a tour. The new material is amazing though, and I can’t wait to share it. More to come, just trying to get back into posting.

Posting a pic of our freshly made stickers.



Made my day


Coz just found this yesterday, but it was posted over a year ago after our first Thira photoshoot. Really made me feel nice to read such flattering things.

It’s been so hard to find a free moment to post in the past month. I started off February VERY sick, and that threw me way off for a while. Still have a bit of a cough leftover from all of that. Thira had a pretty rough show mid-Feb, and bad shows always hit me hard emotionally. It’s just one of those things that affects me like cringe humor movies or watching a show that involves someone getting framed; I have these overwhelming feelings of, “This is not what we’re capable of! I really wish you could see otherwise.” But shit happens. And since then, we’ve rehearsed LIKE CRAZY to tighten up all the loose ends: dropped two songs that just don’t fit with the others, began rehearsing two brand new tracks, upped the stage-show performance work, etc. Our next show (this weekend, BTW) is a very important one and could open a lot of doors for us.

Also, been working very hard on a lot of personal aspects. I’ve been trying to spend more time with Brandie as well as Loki, hoping to find balance in my life. Brandie and I are planning a vacation very soon! I’m also in the early stages of planning the tour (tentatively set for May) with our manager, Chris. He’s been such a huge help in many ways. This last month has been so packed with changes and events, and I actually can’t recall it all right now. More posts soon, and I promise to stay more on top of it.

The refurb begins…


250′ of cable arrived yesterday. The rest of the parts will arrive Friday. Time to do this 🙂

Going nonstop

Guitars for the new album are finally done! We’ve been working hard this last week to round out the last track, “Rust Covers.” I’ve been getting very little sleep, and my body is feeling it. The wear is probably coming more from the Spartacus Workout than the lack of sleep. Five more weeks of this workout, and we’ll see where I’m at =) Thira’s first national show will be February 18th thanks to our new management company, Dark Addiction Entertainment. Chris of Dark Addiction has been our manager for a grand total of just two weeks, and he’s already proving to be exactly what I’ve envisioned in a manager: tough, hands-on, and committed to getting us exactly what we need to do our job. I just dropped about $400 in parts to refurb my live rack in preparation for the upcoming tours and I’m very antsy to get started. Also installed lighting in our auxiliary toms, which we’ll be debuting at the next show. Can’t stop thinking about the mountains, need to step out of state soon and press the reset button.

My dear friend